Learn How To Play Satta Matka in Simplest Way

Satta is a gambling game where players bet on numbers to win money. This game originated in India even before Indian independence. At first, players used to bet on the opening and closing rates of cotton. The New York Cotton Exchange soon stopped sharing the cotton prices. Then, the way of playing Satta guessing changed as well.

Players used to write numbers on a chit and place it in pots. People called these pots ‘matka’. Thus the name satta-matka originated. Today, the game rules are different from the past. There is no pot involved as well. But the name ‘matka’ remained.

How to Play Satta Guessing?

If you are new to this game, you might wonder how to play Satta guessing. It is not hard once you know the rules. Read this article to understand the rules the most.

First, players need to pick three numbers in 0-9. Suppose you chose 2, 4, and 8. Then the sum of the three numbers will be 14. From this number, players can only choose one number that is the second one. Thus, in this case, the selected number will be 4. Hence, the player’s first draw will be 2, 4, 8*4.

Next, players usually draw a second set of numbers. As the first draw, players again choose three numbers from 0-9. Suppose this time the numbers are- 6, 4, 2. The sum of these three numbers will be 12. Thus, players will have to select 2. Hence, the player’s second draw will be 6, 4, 2*2

The final card of the player should look something like (2, 4, 8*4) * (6, 4, 2*2)

The Indian local gambling market is also called the ‘Satta bazaar.’ Satta is like lucky-draw. If luck is on your side, then you might win a fortune, or you might lose everything you own. Hence, one needs to play the game with pre-caution. There are few tricks to understand the numbering system well. You should take a look and study the winning chart before deciding to bet on numbers.

Satta in Modern Times

Nowadays, people gamble on trusted websites and apps. These websites bring international exposure. So usually, the winning amounts are high as well. On that note, some people still bet with small local bookies. Indians love gambling. From cricket matches to casino games, Indians take part in all of them. Satta guessing is no less famous than these other betting games.

Even though Satta-Matka is very popular in India, it is still illegal. Satta also causes tremendous mental stress. Losing money can also harm the future of you and your family. Many people get addicted to satta. Then they end up losing everything. Such addiction is not okay.

Yet, if you play your cards right, you might win too. Keep in mind to always go for trusted platforms such as Starline, Madhuri, Kalyan, and many more. There are many videos available online. You can learn the tricks of playing Satta guessing from them as well. After gaining enough knowledge, your wins will come to you.

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