Restaurants: Valuable Tips for Eating Out

Over the years, the concept of eating out has become a necessity. Gone are the days when it was a luxury and you only went to a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion. Now, you go to a restaurant because you are hungry and don’t have the time to buy the ingredients and cook a regular meal at home. The ‘grab and go’ take-away culture makes it easy for the ever-busy urban crowd to put something in their stomach while on the run.

And yet, nothing can beat eating at a good restaurant just for the sheer pleasure of tasting gourmet meals and exotic cuisines. Not all restaurants are ‘good’ restaurants; there are several restaurants that will make you regret your decision the moment you step in. This article gives you some easy tips on how to distinguish the good from the bad.

You know you are in a good restaurant when the waiters:

• are polite and courteous

• are dressed well in clean clothes

• listen carefully to your order and repeat it to you

• are able to explain what goes into each dish

• are knowledgeable about the wine

• ensure that every person at your table gets what they ordered

• do not offer unsolicited small talk

• fade into the background once the food is served but materialize at your side when you need them!

And you know you are in a good restaurant when

• it is airy with fresh air and sunlight pouring in through open windows

• it offers a good view

• the lighting is just right – not too dark that you can’t read the menu or see what you are eating and yet not so bright that you feel like you are in the spotlight

• there is soothing music playing in the background chinese baden baden

• you find beautiful artwork on the walls that are painted in colours that are pleasing to the eye

• you are served a decent sized main course

• you are served an entrée or dessert on the house

• you can sense the waiters and the staff in the kitchen are working in tandem

• the food is cooked to perfection and served with flair

If you walk into any restaurant, find the waiters are not dressed well and walk around with a disinterested look, it would be best to walk out immediately rather than wait around to find out that you wasted your time and money.

On rare occasions, you just might find a restaurant where the food is extremely tasty but the service is poor. In those cases, opting for take-away will at least ensure that you get a decent meal without losing your cool. Then there are those restaurants who have the best customer service but the food tastes awful, or the portions are too small, or everything on the menu is overpriced or not available, the tables and silverware are dirty, etc. There are also those restaurants where the same dish tastes different the next time you eat there. The quantity is less, the price is more, or the quality has gone down.



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